Ask Petite Chou – waterproof eyeliner

May 23rd, 2008

Dear Ma Petite Chou,

I was wondering if you can recommend a great waterproof eyeliner for the summer. I need an eyeliner that has much stronger staying power than the ones I was previously using.

thanks! Bea

As long time readers of this blog probably know I don’t wear eyeliners. My one eye has a very small crease and the other doesn’t have a crease at all. If I put eyeliner on that one, it’ll disappear when I open my eyes ’cause it’s covered by the heavy eyelid. My friend T. always tells me that I still should wear eyeliner even if it’s not noticeable because it can make my eyes appear brighter. I think she’s right, but because of the way the line would always touch the eyelid thus smearing it only after 10 minutes (my eyelids are also oily), I just didn’t bother. But I still wished that I could wear sexy eyeliners. Bea, I think I’ve found one that you and I can both use (and if you don’t have any of those problems that I have, then you can definitely wear this one beautifully), and I’ll even go a step further and tell you that this one is also oily-eyelid-proof as well as waterproof! It is the magical LORAC Front Of The Line Waterproof Eyeliner ($20). It’s a liquid eyeliner which is nothing new, but when you open it up, the tip is not a brush, instead it looks like a tiny marker. I always found brush eyeliners are not easy to apply, the hairs on some crappy ones even separate in the middle of drawing. Ugh. No broken line with this one. Even for someone who doesn’t have much practice, I can draw a nice clean line easily. It also dries so fast, literally when you are done drawing it’s dry. Before I would close my eye immediately and no dare open for at least a minute in fear of the dreaded double-liner, and ask my guy to blow on my eyelid, lol. And the toughest test was to see how long it stayed on without smudging. It stayed on for almost all day with no flaking! I tried the black and green. You can’t go wrong with the black of course. But I actually recommend the green. It’s not really green but a deep olive shade which looked very nice and soft against my almost-black eyes. It’s very subtle, you can’t really see the liner once I open my eyes, but it does add some twinkle to them. T. is right! I’d imagine it’d suit most skin tones and eye colors. Try it! Oh because it’s water-proof, you have to use a good eye makeup remover, otherwise you’d be rubbing your eye areas trying to get it off, and that’s no good for the delicate skin around the eye 😉

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