Interested in looking at some Vintage VOGUE covers?

June 19th, 2008


I don’t why it took me so long to bookmark Vogue China since its launch three years ago. Now I’m absolutely obsessed with it. The photography is different, the models are different, the spreads are fantastic. And with a nation of women with anal meticulous skincare routines, I can find some really great skincare tips there. Sometimes an entire lunch hour is spent browsing the site. My cousins in China read it religiously (they are the “snobs” in my family, lol). They are well-versed in not only what’s going on in the Western fashion world, but also the fashion scene in China, which I’m slowly catching up on. Maybe I should get them to contribute to my blog. Anyway, Vogue China has a special feature about Vogue’s hundred years of covers (that’s what the Chinese says in the picture above). It is pretty awe-inspiring to look through so much fashion history. I absolutely love the idea of vintage Vogue covers.

2008613172814294.jpg (1917 December cover)
2008613182322277.jpg (1919 April cover)
2008613182413574.jpg (1920 December cover)
2008613182759656.jpg (1923 January cover)
2008613183010887.jpg (1924 October cover)

(Check it out here. It’s okay if you don’t read Chinese. The pictures alone are fun to look at.)

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