Yogurt is good for you

July 7th, 2008

cooling-gel-yoghurt.jpg Yeah that’s pretty much a fact that yogurt is good for your health. And your skin will love it if you eat yogurt (the natural unsweetened kind is the best) regularly, too. I’m sure everybody’s heard of yogurt facial masks, which is very calming and hydrating. They can be made easily at home, which are perfect for the summer, especially if you’ve been playing outdoor in the sun you will need good after-sun care. I firmly believe that even if you diligently applied sunscreen, just because there’s no sign of sun tan or sun burn, it doesn’t mean there was no sun damage at all. Sunscreens don’t filter out 100% of the UV rays. So the best thing to do is pamper your skin with some after-sun goodness. Cold unsweetened yogurt feels so good on the skin, mix some aloe vera juice if you have some. If you are lazy like me, you will like this Korres Natural Products Cooling Gel, Yoghurticon ($23.50 for 5.07 fl oz). This light-weight gel feels fantastically cool and refreshing on the skin. You can use it on your face and body. It takes the heat out of the skin and adds moisture in in a second. If your skin turns red easily, put this one right after you get out of the sun. Take care of your skin darlings. You’ll LOVE this after-sun gel I promise.

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