DailyLook Under $20

February 27th, 2015

You gotta check out DailyLook’s Under $20 sale section. You’ll be sure to find some amazing bargains.

Flocked Houndstooth Pants $54.99 $16.95

DAILYLOOK Twisted High Low Dress $44.99 $12.95

Quad Buckle Boots $44.99 $18.95

Studded Drawstring Backpack $49.99 $15.95

Polka Dot Chambray Shirt $49.99 $19.95

Metallic Alligator Clutch $39.99 $14.95

DAILYLOOK Simple Strap Heels $39.99 $19.95

DAILYLOOK Bare Shoulder Shift Dress $49.99 $19.95

DAILYLOOK Eyelash Lace Fit and Flare Dress $59.99 $19.95

DAILYLOOK Beaded Hem Crop Top $39.99 $8.95

Trumpet Scuba Skirt $44.99 $19.95

A bunch of apples

February 21st, 2015

These apple-printed clothes are so adorable. They just make me smile.

Apple Print Slim Fitting Tank $36.63

Apple Print Short Cut Suit Coat $86.95

Apple Printed Maxi Skirt $73.63

Apple Printed Puff Dress $66.23

Red Apple Printed Jacket $86.95

Red Apple Printed Loose Fit Pants $62.53


February 21st, 2015

KAANAS Bahamas Flatforms $99

KAANAS San Jacinto Skate Shoes $149

KAANAS Fiji d’Orsay Espadrilles $89

KAANAS Malawi Pointy Toe Espadrilles $89

KAANAS Lace Espadrille $95

KAANAS Marseille Wedge Espadrilles $119

KAANAS Macondo Skate Shoes $109

KAANAS Wayuu Cap Toe Lace Up Espadrilles $99

Introducing Finance Heart To Heart – Ma Petite Chou’s Personal Finance blog

February 20th, 2015


Hello, my lovely readers! After 6 years of running this fashion blog, I’ve decided to branch out and add another blog as a companion to this one. Fashion will always be my big love. But I also have many other topics that I love to discuss with anyone, especially other women — wives, mothers, girlfriends, etc. One subject that I’m extremely passionate about is personal finance. So please allow me to introduce to you my new personal finance blog, Finance Heart To Heart – Ma Petite Chou’s Personal Finance blog. Fashion and shopping obviously affects your personal finance. And sometimes the two can butt heads. Over the years as my life is evolving — I’ve been married for 6 years, I’ve had two children — our finance evolves too. I love reading books and blogs and listening to podcasts on personal finance. There are so many great ones out there. And there is so much to learn about money. I’m constantly absorbing new information. So I’d love to share my ideas and my experience with you. My guy always said “why don’t you start another side blog for this?” I think he is right. This new blog won’t be a strictly money blog because we know there are so many things that affect your finance. I’m open to talk about anything that can impact one’s personal finance, like family life, relationships, etc.

At this moment, Finance Heart To Heart is still a work in progress in terms of how the site looks and everything. I’m still working on the graphics and layout. I just wanted to start writing before the site is completely finished.

Ma Petite Chou will still be the main fashion blog. You know how much I love fashion and I will not give it up for a very very long time. I joke that when my daughter’s a teenager, inevitably she will be making fun of me for having a fashion blog, but I won’t care (unless nobody reads it anymore then I guess I’ll have to give it up because otherwise I’ll just be talking to myself). But hopefully as a person, I’ve matured and continue to mature and learn new things. I hope you will join me on this new blog. If it’s not your cup of tea and you want to strictly stay on the topics of fashion, please continue visiting this fashion blog :).

I am very excited!

Dainty flats

February 18th, 2015

My feet are tired from wearing the heavy-duty winter boots for months. I dream about days when I can step out in a dainty little pair of flats and take a skip or two. Love these beautiful flats. The detail is incredible and the colors are so soft and pretty.

Rachel Zoe Tyler Woven Flats $255

Melissa Melissa + Jason Wu Jean Flats $105

Melissa Campana Fitas Flats $95

Melissa Ultragirl Sweet Bow Flats $105

Steven Lasir Espadrilles $109

Steven Lasir Espadrilles $109

Tory Burch Lucia Lace Espadrilles $185

Vince Nina d’Orsay Flats $325

Rochas Silver Slingback Flats $570

Loeffler Randall Mara Espadrilles $195

Splendid Addisan Perforated d’Orsay Flats $108

Melissa Melissa Jean + Jason Wu Flats $105

Maison Martin Margiela Cutout Leather Oxfords $850